College Success Workshop

August 30, 2021
On June 23rd, 2021, POE students attended a college success workshop, hosted by POE and 7 other local scholarship organizations. This workshop was located at Sacred Heart Prep in Atherton and designed to help students learn skills that will allow them to not only have a successful college career, but also a successful future. In this three hour event, students attended different workshops designed to offer college students access to professionals in resume building, decision making, mental health support and so much more.

Students were also taught the importance of networking, and how salient it is to build professional relationships. When it comes to mental health POE students were given resources and the guidance to make sure that they take note on how one’s mental health can affect their everyday life. Mentors in the decision making workshop gave insight and direction when it comes to making hard decisions, and how to correctly approach them in stressful situations. Our keynote speaker La’Tonya Rease Miles talked about the transition from high school to college as a first generation student and the struggles that came with it. She discussed the topic of belonging and fitting in as well as changing schools and finding opportunities that will be the best fit.

After over a year of not being able to do any in person events we finally had a wonderful gathering!  This was the group's first attempt at a big collaboration and it was a huge success. It was the best attended workshop POE has ever had, with an attendance of about 125 students made up of 8 different scholarship groups, 55 being POE students (the most of any of the scholarship programs!).

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